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Delivering exceptional entertainment with a level of professionalism that is a positive reflection of your special event. DJ Dynamik is the perfect DJ entertainment solution for your party and budget. 


Mitranand Hanuman

DJ Dynamik was born and raised in NYC. His passion for music developed as a young man raised in a very musically-influenced home. He DJ'd his first wedding at age 13 and has since become an evolutionist in entertainment.


As with fine delicacies which improves with age, DJ Dynamik has been tenaciously and soulfully fermenting his global music talents for over 18 years with hundreds of events under his belt. He has built a reputation as one of NYC's most popular event DJ by collaborating with local talent and international artists alike. Whatever the genre, his sounds are rooted in percussive rhythm, big basslines, soulful and organically heartfelt favors. 


Your event is my only priority. I pride myself in creating personal relationships with hosts and event planners. I'm readily available to address even the simplest of questions or to tackle any unexpected hurdles. My hands on step by step planning process empower our hosts to have confidence in their vision. I enjoy being part of your creative vision and ultimately bringing it to life. I offer a lot of options and can customize a package for you.

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